Our Family Values

High Quality

We make our Ramen broth in-house,7-10 hours for our chicken broth and 10-12 hours for our pork broth. We make our broth daily, only the best to put our hand-made Ramen noodles into!


If you haven’t tried Sushi Burritos (Giant hand-rolls of sushi, that you eat like a burrito) Now is your Chance! Enjoy the next big thing in the world of sushi.

CommunityWe’re glad to be your Poke and Ramen spot in Hoboken! We always look for feedback, our goal is to make your day better the way we know how to…with food!

Clean Eating

Preparing fresh ingredients daily, making our foods from scratch, using high quality ingredients, this sounds like a recipe for success! Eat clean and feel better, you are what you eat!